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Friday, February 5, 2010


I've landed in Jupiter(not on Jupiter) today.We left St.Augustine this morning about 11:30AM after a walk on the beach.I let Grace off lead and she Ran Ran RAN after the
gulls and pipers.
Later.. I stopped in Daytona to check it out-got a little lost.Maybe I missed the hot spots but was not too excited by the place.I can't complain because the temps
were in the 70's,my personal best temp. No sales calls today.

I chatted with Kay's(friend I'm staying with) neighbor Hazel who does sculpture.
She started sculpting at 70 years old. I'm going to her house tom.afternoon.
Kay's taking me around to places that are hopeful spots for Sea Hag Soaps.
Ate,drank a little and now I'm ready for a book and bed.

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