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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nokomis day 2

I first of need to apologize for the grammar errors and random words in the last post. It's toast with sprinkles of info.I've edited before with success,without
the tedious shutting out when I tried to make's over the fence in
cyberspace-imperfect like this blogger.
Yesterday-Feb 8th.I got to rise,walk and then get to know another local mechanic.I knew a few days ago my brakes on the jeep were going but didn't want to be another story on Nightline about a dame stranded, taken advantage of (In a purely automotive way)by a mechanic that saw me as a pillar of dripping affluence, wealth,and gleefully stick me with a bill that I'd have to sell "something" of value and possible shame. I'll let you know more about that later because he kept me car over night after saying a "few hours" yesterday AM. My cousin did ask around for referrals and insisted her man escort me to the garage so they would know I was NOT ALONE to be tested by any shady scam.

The rest of the day was my cousin schlepping me around to a few shops with my wares.
I'd gone online to look up some potential places and made a few phone calls before we set out to Venice, FL.
The place looks ritzy with the women inside the shops and their men outside on park benches lined up looking surprisingly patient as they all chat amongst themselves.I
should have taken a picture-it struck me as very funny and cute.

I made some connections,chatted and left soap "seeds" around.It's good for me to get out there and see other gift shops and compare the staff,decor and level of "spark".
I'm beginning to think that Sea Hag is an abnormally.Don't get me wrong-these are nice shops with nice merchandise....customers buying in them. I just continue to realize why we're different.
Talk later....