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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Last night and one more day.

I left Asheville this AM with nice, clear, dry roads all the way to Staunton,VA.
The highway was no problem what so ever but when I got into the town of Staunton
they had over a foot of snow piled everywhere-some piles 3 feet high!
Wow, was I surprised.Some of the streets were impassable because only one lane
was plowed.
Anyways...this is a truly lovely historic little town with art galleries
and unique shops throughout.I stopped at a gallery call "WYSIWYG"- Acronym
for WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.One of the owners Brian showed me around.
They have a wonderful collection of mostly local artists.I really loved the
pottery by Naked Creek pottery and hope to carry some of it at Sea Hag.
It's refreshing to see new work that isn't in every other gift shop. I
understand the need for large gift/craft shows to get art work in one place.
It does makes it easier for shop owners and artists to meet each under one
roof BUT I really think that the big show process can produce homogeneous
looking stores.It's HARD owning any small retail business in this country
with large chains having better buying power in tough economic times,how
do we survive or grow?I think by doing it All better.I'm still learning.
Cheers to all of you out there grinding out a living.I wish you all the VERY
After my tour around the pretty town and ogling over all the old classic
architecture,Grace and I headed for a nearby park to get out and get some
fresh air.Gypsy park was perfect.I did need to put on my high Sorel boots
to get through some of the walls of snow.Grace was in dog heaven-eating snow,
running full speed and leaping madly about. I think she feels at home in the
snow and will be excited too when we hit home.

I'm heading HOME tomorrow ! I've really had a fun,interesting adventure.
BUT HOME IS HOME-packing for business,pleasure,hiking,different climates;
living out of a suitcase for 18 days and doing it all as CHEAPLY as possible
had it's challenges!
The change was welcomed and I feel it was all very worthwhile.I felt like a
young and carefree Vagabond/Hobo.I hope I made some worthwhile business contacts
too. I thought about salespeople in the past without cell phones and laptops.
We are lucky with our wireless world....most of the time:)
Thanks for checking in and following me.I enjoyed the writing of the BLOG.
I'll check in again soon. XXXXO to all.