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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I had to operate on my big rooster this a.m.
Bridie(Fellow Hag) came in, went out to the coop and found
the rooster("Drambuie") hanging upside down from the rafters with his spur caught on an armour cable ! We gather an artillary of tools to try since I'd never performed this operation before:)
He was very still as Bridie held him. I tried a couple different tools to clip his
curly spurs. First,small saw, large saw and then large hedge trimmer(loppers) which worked ! I cut too close to his foot on one so he started bleeding so I alcoholed(I don't believe that'sa verb) the tip and then duct tape saved the day!
I'll take a pic and send it to the company.
Another Day-Another Adventure on the farm.
Talk soon,

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'm settled back in here at Sea Hag Soaps & Art Mercantile.
Work now is about getting out the old and bringing in the new for our Annual
Spring show May 1st and 2ND. We'll have live music in here by "Acoustic Brew"
on Saturday the 1st.

Springtime means beginning of garden clean-up and planting.I'm a farmer
in my heart.I love digging and planting and when it's time for harvest
I could use a flock of helpers to get it all done.It happens to be
our busy time here which leaves me torn between,work ,garden and the lake.
I love being around all the Art,making soaps and adore being outside.
Can someone out there tell me how to do it all? I'm willing to try Cloning.
Watch out WORLD!

I completed my 20Th peak in the Catskills.I'm working for a little
embroidered patch:)The name of the peak is Blackhead.The snow was
ridiculous but had a bright spectacular sunny day with two friends and
a total of three dogs.On the way to the peak Beth spotted a mature eagle
on the side of the road.I immediately backed up and it didn't take off
for a few minutes and when it did it flew to a nearby tree with another eagle
and two juveniles with them! We all felt so lucky! Majestic is a cliche
but it certainly fits.
When we finished the hike and got to the bottom we heard the tale of
two guys that went up the week before-hit a blizzard aways from their
lean to and had to dig a snow cave.
One guy left to get help and was found a few days later-dead.Very sad
and a reminder not to take anything in life for granted.
Enjoy the day and remember....Another Day-ANOTHER ADVENTURE!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

S-U-N !!!

I awoke to something like a bright light coming through my window.
My Thursday hiking group(that has dwindled down to one)cancelled for today.
Tuesday's hike in Jones Park that usually takes one hour took over 1.5 hours.
It was deep trail breaking up to our knees with our dogs on our heels not
wanting to be leaping in all directions as usual. It was a bit grueling-
I did have brief images of a wagon train on it's side, food supplies short
and the group eyeing my Ruben-esque body!

I had a quick cup of coffee, got dressed and put the snow shoes on for a hike
out back of my house. This time the snow was NOT "sinkable"(I didn't lose
30lbs) I daintily floated on top of the crusty snow until I had a moment
of losing one shoe and sank a foot. I readjusted and was on my way-a small blip.
I tracked turkeys around and up to a quarry where I saw they got to the
cliff's edge and took a small flight. I could have stayed out a few more hours
drinking up the rays but the soap and paperwork were calling.
Thanks be for this day! AND Thanks for stopping.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I SEE the Future !

It's a grey day out BUT so much the better to see into my soap ball!

I see children playing-running towards a cookie jar.....chickens
running amok....
A barn-yes a large barn.I see it smell it and even taste it!
The Hag is scurrying about making soap,eating oatmeal cookies
and speaking to the SUN! "We know you haven't left us for good
my dear SUN"!
The sun smiled back at the melodramatic Sea Hag and said "The Good,The Bad
and the Ugly all come to pass" "Relax and enjoy the quiet....Breathe"....
It's required to LIVE!"