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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tim Fallon coming to Sea Hag

It's Wednesday evening with the birds outside trying to compete for loudest and best songs on "Birds Got talent" Show. I admire them because I personally don't possess
that talent but I do have a wonderful friend and voice who will be in here in
less than 48 hours! Tim Fallon-an international Opera star will be coming to little
Sea Hag barn Friday July 8th at 4PM to sing for whomever is here to listen.
I met Tim and his partner Avery Jennings(who is also an artist with work here at Sea Hag)
last Summer and immediately fell in LOVE both of them.They are warm real people
who love life and art and made the mistake of inviting me to Germany.
I made the visit in April and had a blast and now they will be back here!!!
Yes,I know Summer is BUSY!! Too much to do and too many people to see.
Every weekend is planned out and then it's all over...I know I know.
But the good news is you can fill that time with same old -same old or treat yourself
to things that you really enjoy and be with the people who matter most.
Hold on to these Utopia days and friends that matter.

All the Best,