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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Did you say mushrooms???? Hen Of The Woods

OK it's official- 'shroom frenzy has over taken my former calm cool self.
I worked my body into a over cooked casserole this am but as I was heading back home...the thought of an oak tree in an undisclosed location that started calling to me...
"You'd better get me QUICK before those you've taken under your tutelage beat you to me"
Still sweating -yoga pants and sneakers I aim Ruth (my new to me `RAV) towards
the oak tree.Raining hard or "monsoon" like would be understating the conditions.
Luckily the tree was not too far from a blacktopped driveway. I wandered in and found it....a bit young and wimpy. Yes,I could be patient(my best virtue)and wait a few more days....hmmm two baby hens. I decided to grab one in case the world "collaspes" as my cheery son forecasts.
OK -now go home and take a shower-
NO WAY. There more oaks to be checked by me!!!
Grace and I Head out again after changing just my shoes to MUCK Mocs (too low).The woods are flooded with waterfalls and rivers but we forge ahead slipping and tripping over
soaked logs and rocks,,,Grace is thinking"I could do better".Newts are grabbing life twigs.
We got to a group of trees and NOTHING! We slowly make our way back home
soaked through and I'm thinking to myself,"This is really wonderful out here and I hope this is what I'm doing on my last day on this planet"