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Monday, October 25, 2010


I'm feeling very thankful for many things today. I guess after losing my Prince
"Shoes" this week(our #1 barn cat), crying while I buried him and crying more when I was recalling images of him all around me. A good cry is very cleansing-you re-evaluate all that is good in your life. The people who somehow find you lovable no matter what,your health,humor,beauty and all the things that tickle you.
We can't forget that everybody is plodding on through life and we must remember there
are no points for games and holding back. Tell everybody who's important to you that they matter and you love them....sniff sniff.
Love you ALL-Thanks for stopping

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bloggy,Soggy days of Summer

It was another day in the neighborhood at Sea Hag Soaps & Art
Mercantile. I had my little niece picking flowers for around
the inside of the barn
and had two nephews loading wood into the wood shed with one of my
after that we started digging up garlic and bundling it.The
ground was DRY,DRY, DRY ! I'm not much of a water er so it's whatever
weed and veggie survives at this point- WINS.

There was a moment I thought I was CLOSE to a complete thought
when the skies got black and the rain was driving walls of rain at
45 degree angles. OMG-my baby chicks were out in it!!
I asked Bridie(regular Hag)to give me a hand getting the chicks back
into their pen,she responded by saying she had no rain jacket so I pulled
on my great ankle Muck boots,threw her our one rain rain jacket
and went out into the storm.
I was soaked right through in the first five seconds,but it truthfully
felt GREAT after being so SWEATY these last few days.
The chicks were smart enough to seek shelter in the high grass so
they were wet but feathered out enough so they were fine.We grabbed
them two at a time and thought we'd gotten them all back into their
sheltered home ;only to discover later another six chicks still out.

Heading back inside-Bride looked at her very professionally wet boss,
started laughing and said."I really wish I had a camera right now."
I went back to work in wet clothes,bad hair and loving being a farm girl.

leaving me without one and ran out into the storm

Friday, July 16, 2010

Jazz, Magic Carpets,cheese cake & a good time

Just a quick note to let everyone know we're gearing up for
a Sunday afternoon Concert at Sea Hag.
Save the date- July 25th from 2-5PM.We'll have chicken BBQ and
some yummy desserts if you want to picnic here,
Some friends that are rug dealers will be here selling their carpets
Until next time-Colleen

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bear and bare

Beautiful cooler summer morning. I went out into the woods in my PJ's, bare legs and
flip flops( not recommended by backpacking magazine) to explore
any signs of last nights commotion.

Last night at dusk I went into the woods behind my house with Grace for our
nightly stroll. I spotted something moving off to the left of my peripheral vision.
Grace looked at the same time and started barking like crazy while running toward
the two bears. The larger one started to take off away from us and then halted.
The smaller one got up on it's hind legs like it wanted to climb a very small
tree that could have never supported it,which, I realized after seeing "the little"
one's size.
Grace thankfully came back to me but kept barking like the tough girl she is:)
She charged forth a few times as I was walking away and then came back to the house with me. She ran through the house like the town crier "Did you see what I saw???!!!"

This morning we looked around for scat but just found stirred up earth and Grace
attached herself to all the odors around the area. Thanks be for my terrifying
dog who scared off the bears. I felt lucky and learned to make more commotion next dusktime stroll.
time stroll so not to surprise anything.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Peasants in Paradise

It was a fine June day when we made a break for the garden. A day
that spells out b-l-i-s-s. Two strong Hag women breaking the soil
and planting tomatoes,Zinnias and some herbs.
I don't think Playboy will be calling me real soon for the
centerfold spot but this is the real me-boots and all. I think
about my Irish ancestors when I'm in the garden. My claim to be
"Strong like Bull" is illustrated pretty well here.
I'm thankful for my strong body. I use to think in my next
life I'd want to be a petite "Thang".
She(Petite Thang) could never haul and climb all the places I've been.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let's inspire each other

This is a note to anyone out there with a pulse. I'd like to know your most inspiring
I believe that we're all connected and if everyone believed that maybe we could do a little better. One of my sayings is "I'm not going to die stupid". I realize I have lots to learn yet. I still screw up in just about every aspect of my life.
I have good intentions when I start my day. I feel like Fred Rodgers, Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama rolled into one. We all our on this journey of a life and somehow we can support each other. I read incessantly but practice of peace is where I'm headed.
Maybe the next step is joining a convent? As long as I can take Grace and a few friends could visit... It couldn't hurt.
Love to All and to all a GOOD night.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring show done on to Graduation

Spring show over-DONE Graduation of my oldest-DONE Mother's Day-DONE
Is our life all about checking things off?
I think we need to have some fun in between. Life happens with all sorts
of unexpected twists that weren't on our"List".

Take a minute today to stop-get quiet and think about something that
you'd LOVE to do. Personally I love sweets so I think dessert!
I have to redirect that thought into something fun without calories-
I've decided to redirect food cravings to take a walk and attempt to
write a book.
I need to finish my outline and then carve out a few hours
a day to work on it.
Here we go.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Girl's Power Day Kopernik Observatory

I had SOOOO much fun today.I left Sea Hag for 3 hours and went to the
Kopernik Observatory in Vestal,NY for 'Girl Power Day." I did a
soap making Demo and talked about opening a business and encourage the
girls to ALWAYS stay
curious. Life is WAY more fun of you're an explorer.
The group of girls were between 3rd-6th grades in school,
that were on their Spring Break. They asked all sorts of questions that
were well thought out and they asked me for my autograph at the end!
Move over Paris Hilton.We like SMART girls- I told them to get into the
habit of SAVING some money.I wish someone had had that conversation
with me 45 years ago! I also told them that we need some woman scientists
and whatever-don't be afraid to fail.Scientists, Inventors and Business
owners have to be BLINDLY optimistic.
I gave them a slide show of Sea Hag that told the eclectic tale of Soaps,
art and projects that have been done around here.
They asked how much longer I would be making soap? Who knows!
Another Day Another Adventure!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I had to operate on my big rooster this a.m.
Bridie(Fellow Hag) came in, went out to the coop and found
the rooster("Drambuie") hanging upside down from the rafters with his spur caught on an armour cable ! We gather an artillary of tools to try since I'd never performed this operation before:)
He was very still as Bridie held him. I tried a couple different tools to clip his
curly spurs. First,small saw, large saw and then large hedge trimmer(loppers) which worked ! I cut too close to his foot on one so he started bleeding so I alcoholed(I don't believe that'sa verb) the tip and then duct tape saved the day!
I'll take a pic and send it to the company.
Another Day-Another Adventure on the farm.
Talk soon,

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'm settled back in here at Sea Hag Soaps & Art Mercantile.
Work now is about getting out the old and bringing in the new for our Annual
Spring show May 1st and 2ND. We'll have live music in here by "Acoustic Brew"
on Saturday the 1st.

Springtime means beginning of garden clean-up and planting.I'm a farmer
in my heart.I love digging and planting and when it's time for harvest
I could use a flock of helpers to get it all done.It happens to be
our busy time here which leaves me torn between,work ,garden and the lake.
I love being around all the Art,making soaps and adore being outside.
Can someone out there tell me how to do it all? I'm willing to try Cloning.
Watch out WORLD!

I completed my 20Th peak in the Catskills.I'm working for a little
embroidered patch:)The name of the peak is Blackhead.The snow was
ridiculous but had a bright spectacular sunny day with two friends and
a total of three dogs.On the way to the peak Beth spotted a mature eagle
on the side of the road.I immediately backed up and it didn't take off
for a few minutes and when it did it flew to a nearby tree with another eagle
and two juveniles with them! We all felt so lucky! Majestic is a cliche
but it certainly fits.
When we finished the hike and got to the bottom we heard the tale of
two guys that went up the week before-hit a blizzard aways from their
lean to and had to dig a snow cave.
One guy left to get help and was found a few days later-dead.Very sad
and a reminder not to take anything in life for granted.
Enjoy the day and remember....Another Day-ANOTHER ADVENTURE!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

S-U-N !!!

I awoke to something like a bright light coming through my window.
My Thursday hiking group(that has dwindled down to one)cancelled for today.
Tuesday's hike in Jones Park that usually takes one hour took over 1.5 hours.
It was deep trail breaking up to our knees with our dogs on our heels not
wanting to be leaping in all directions as usual. It was a bit grueling-
I did have brief images of a wagon train on it's side, food supplies short
and the group eyeing my Ruben-esque body!

I had a quick cup of coffee, got dressed and put the snow shoes on for a hike
out back of my house. This time the snow was NOT "sinkable"(I didn't lose
30lbs) I daintily floated on top of the crusty snow until I had a moment
of losing one shoe and sank a foot. I readjusted and was on my way-a small blip.
I tracked turkeys around and up to a quarry where I saw they got to the
cliff's edge and took a small flight. I could have stayed out a few more hours
drinking up the rays but the soap and paperwork were calling.
Thanks be for this day! AND Thanks for stopping.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I SEE the Future !

It's a grey day out BUT so much the better to see into my soap ball!

I see children playing-running towards a cookie jar.....chickens
running amok....
A barn-yes a large barn.I see it smell it and even taste it!
The Hag is scurrying about making soap,eating oatmeal cookies
and speaking to the SUN! "We know you haven't left us for good
my dear SUN"!
The sun smiled back at the melodramatic Sea Hag and said "The Good,The Bad
and the Ugly all come to pass" "Relax and enjoy the quiet....Breathe"....
It's required to LIVE!"

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pioneering Sunday

I'm lucky enough to be able to go out my back door, strap on some snowshoes
and go for a walk. This AM that entailed wading through 2-3' snow drifts
and plowing through 18" for most of our walk.It's called "Breaking trail"
in hiking terms. Basically, your breaking in a trail for people or animals behind you.
I did NOT float on the snow with the shoes.This snow was sinkable heavy snow-there
must be an Inuit word for "sinkable snow." It was a good work out regardless.
I included a picture of the woods.

My day continued with our trip to the barn to work,feed furnace,chickens and cats.
The plow guy hasn't made it back here so I had to shovel out woodshed door,chicken coop door and front door. I then grabbed the chicken water er that was dry and caked
with poop (chickens are NOT noted for their Hygiene)and dragged it through the drifts of snow down to the creek. All I could picture was the struggle of
the pioneers doing things like this EVERYDAY ,all winter long.
The creek had some opened water so I was able to clean off the feeder and get fresh
water for the girls. Physical labor always has a way of curing a case of nerves
or blues which happens in the dark days of winter. Washing my soap pans,molds,
and cleaning up makes me feel like I have something to show for my day. The bonus was washing myself up only to see the front of my jacket had a Schmeer of chicken
poop stuck to my zipper! EEEEEEWW-WWOOOOOOO-nothing an old brush and SOAP and water can't handle ! I DO HAVE SOAP.

I then realized with age I've gotten very matter of fact about a lot of things-
changing my Mom's soiled pants,giving her a bath,cleaning out the chicken coop,picking up dead things around the barn from cats or whatever. Dealing with lifting, carrying, moving or whatever it takes to get a job done. I think
manual labor is good for the soul.It's tough when your back rebels and you have
to Listen to your body.

I've decided I'm just good peasant stock.I'll do whatever it takes to
get the job done-It's not always PRETTY....either is life.
Hold on to the sane days.... Thanks for stopping-All the Best.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Big Snow

It's officially a MONSTER SNOW Storm today. I think the biggest for Brackney, PA
this year.
I have to admit that it's Gorgeous out! I went out into it and
dropped down and made a snow angel- only to have Grace stomp
all over it.I got an order from White House,TN today-go figure the power
of internet they somehow found lil' ole Sea Hag Soaps.

I'm going home to a fire in the fireplace and some soup in the crock pot.
Does it get much better than that? Maybe lose power and pull out the candles, flashlight and crawl into BED! Yes-I have a good life!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring is whispering

I'm sitting here on a grey day at the END February with the wind blowing a few flakes around but I'm not taken it all too seriously because I know that Spring is a comin'
The first hint is leaving work with daylight still here! I think I'd like someone to
give me an injection to go to sleep(HIBERNATE!) during the truly DARK days of winter
when it's watery black-BLACK at4:30 PM, when you look up the road and see Headlights
coming and going. Just put me to sleep.
The snow even feels like it's surrendering to the Spring-"Uncle...I'm done" it's saying.
I love Spring beyond love. I feel silly with happiness-the colors of all the greens.

Winter is fun to get out into if you're dressed for it. It's survival mode if you're
not into it. Spring says"I've SURVIVED another dark time" it reminds us that all of
our feelings are cyclical and eventually we get out of a them whether it's a funk or happiness.
The four seasons are all lovely and can be brutal like life. Hang in there....
Thanks for stopping

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I got home yesterday afternoon to one of my sisters and 2 of her girls at
my house to welcome me.They really came down to see my mom who's close by; but
it felt like a welcoming committee. It was great to see some familiar faces and eat some real food together.
I'll be back at Sea Hag officially on Sat, Feb 20th from 10-5.
I'll be here Sunday the 21st from noon-4 playing catch up.
My car looks like a WRECK inside,beyond grungy; like an off the beaten path gas station restroom that really needs some cleaning after living out of it for 18 days.
I had a hard time winding down last night. I feel like my guard
is still up....(self preservation) guard.

My Mom had a fall while I was gone and decided today that she needed an
x-ray and needed to be looked at.After half a day in ER, we took her home
with painkillers.She cracked a L2. Not too much to do about it...wait
and see.
back soon-thanks for stopping

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Last night and one more day.

I left Asheville this AM with nice, clear, dry roads all the way to Staunton,VA.
The highway was no problem what so ever but when I got into the town of Staunton
they had over a foot of snow piled everywhere-some piles 3 feet high!
Wow, was I surprised.Some of the streets were impassable because only one lane
was plowed.
Anyways...this is a truly lovely historic little town with art galleries
and unique shops throughout.I stopped at a gallery call "WYSIWYG"- Acronym
for WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.One of the owners Brian showed me around.
They have a wonderful collection of mostly local artists.I really loved the
pottery by Naked Creek pottery and hope to carry some of it at Sea Hag.
It's refreshing to see new work that isn't in every other gift shop. I
understand the need for large gift/craft shows to get art work in one place.
It does makes it easier for shop owners and artists to meet each under one
roof BUT I really think that the big show process can produce homogeneous
looking stores.It's HARD owning any small retail business in this country
with large chains having better buying power in tough economic times,how
do we survive or grow?I think by doing it All better.I'm still learning.
Cheers to all of you out there grinding out a living.I wish you all the VERY
After my tour around the pretty town and ogling over all the old classic
architecture,Grace and I headed for a nearby park to get out and get some
fresh air.Gypsy park was perfect.I did need to put on my high Sorel boots
to get through some of the walls of snow.Grace was in dog heaven-eating snow,
running full speed and leaping madly about. I think she feels at home in the
snow and will be excited too when we hit home.

I'm heading HOME tomorrow ! I've really had a fun,interesting adventure.
BUT HOME IS HOME-packing for business,pleasure,hiking,different climates;
living out of a suitcase for 18 days and doing it all as CHEAPLY as possible
had it's challenges!
The change was welcomed and I feel it was all very worthwhile.I felt like a
young and carefree Vagabond/Hobo.I hope I made some worthwhile business contacts
too. I thought about salespeople in the past without cell phones and laptops.
We are lucky with our wireless world....most of the time:)
Thanks for checking in and following me.I enjoyed the writing of the BLOG.
I'll check in again soon. XXXXO to all.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Biltmore and more

I thought about going up to Blowing Rock,NC for the night but then checked the weather and it seemed icey with snow conditions so decided to stay here one more day and do some exploring.I got in too late yesterday to see Asheville. It made more sense to stay put here today and head for Staunton,VA tomorrow.

I went to Folk Art museum here in Asheville.It was a small museum with a really
fine collection of Craft.Some of the older work was the museum's permanent collection
of quilts,carving,and pottery and the other part was more contemporary work. I also stopped at the Southern Highland craft guild which is a store for a lot of the same
contemporary artists and I got some artists information from the women there. I think
they'd be a really good fit at Sea Hag.

After that I went over to see the Biltmore Estate. It claims to be the biggest house in the US,certainly from another era- It's on par with castles in Europe.The construction took 6 years working around the clock. I was a little surprised at the admission ticket price of $40,which I thought seemed pretty steep at the time but after my tour I understood better what it must take to maintain the estate. I can't imagine it really.The details in the ironwork, the curved doors for the circular rooms,the carvings,masonry,stonework,woodwork,furniture,wallpapers,fabrics,
even just keeping the windows clean!I just read that the estate employs 1,800 people.I guess the $40 isn't too bad to be dazzled.
Maybe I'll start charging people to shop at Sea Hag!What do ya think?

After the Biltmore I check out the Arcade(group of upscale shops in an older building under one roof) and other shops in downtown Asheville.A lot of the
galleries and restaurants were closed (because today is Monday)and I didn't find any good prospects for my soaps so I headed to a local park for a walk with Grace.It was nice to let her off lead. She'll be back running free with her buddies in a few more days.

Heading out Staunton,Va tomorrow and hopefully the snow that they got today will be
gone. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pearl Day

I have no Valentine other than Grace by my side this evening but
I got to meet Pearl Fryar from the documentary "A Man Named Pearl" today.
I was so THRILLED!!!I'm not a big celebrity worshiper. There's a handful of
people I'd love to meet.Some of them on the list aren't even alive anymore but would love to have a conversation with them.
OK...I WOULD NOT turn down a date with Jack Nicholson.

Back to Pearl-I saw the movie about a week before my "On the Road with Sea Hag"trip.
I LOVED this movie,it was recommended by Netfix.I chuckled and just smiled through most of it.This is about a real man who had the motivation to create an evergreen garden for almost free. He's a sharecropper's son,that grew up poor with no college degree-self taught really.
It was on my lists of stops on the tour and I made it today. I got up and drove from
Columbia,SC to Bishopville,SC. Bishopville is where the garden is.It's all around Pearl's house. Pearl and his wife were not there, which I knew before hand,so I got out of the car with Grace and wondered around all the nooks and crannies of this magical eden. I then had some time before Pearl was going to be back so I headed to a nearby state park to get Grace out for a run.
I had my own little tailgate party from my last night's $8 Dollar Store raid.
It was a feast of V8 juice,triscuits,peanuts,prunes and some cheese from Sea Hag that I've had it the cooler.This is the first road trip ever I didn't survive on fast food....confession....there was ONE filled Krispy Kreme-another blog all together:)
After my lunch-I went back to Pearl's house to park and wait for them to return.
I was on the phone with my niece Marne when they drove up.I was getting excited
and a few minutes later Pearl came out and wondered over to the car....I couldn't believe it-
I was seeing Pearl LIVE! I quickly cut Marn off and got out and proceeded to
have a great hour and a half with Pearl one on one.
New info-
He's spoken at Harvard college,other colleges, and garden groups all over the
U.S. He retired from a cannery day job, and has created a foundation to support
C average students.He believes in the support for their education to give these
kids HOPE and not turn to the dark side of life with crime.
He now with 2 employess and had one intern. He's a smart humble man who can hardly believe all that has happened to him but has used this platform to reach out to people of all ages. He's touched so many lives. His words and philosophy about life are as wonderful as his topiaries.I feel extremely lucky to have met him. I could become a "Pearl head",quit my job and follow him around the country.I'm SERIOUS! Next career-a Pearl Groupie.

My trip is winding down.I'll do Asheville tomorrow and either move on to Blowing Rock,NC or stay here another day.ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER ADVENTURE!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Icey start from Atlanta

Thanks again to Jodie and Luke for letting Grace and me crash at your house.I hope it's not another 19 years till we all meet up again.
We left Atlanta at 10:15 AM. It was icy and people were driving way too CRAZY.
I was puttering along at 40 MPH singing "I'm a little ole lady from Pennsylvania, go granny go granny go granny go"! Driving along seeing cars spun out and off the road
from last night and today kept me cautious and thankfully- safe.What's up with this weather AL?
I planned on only driving 4.5-6 hours on the road before I met the man named Pearl.Well....I took a side trip to Athens,GA and then felt the need to see Stone Mountain.I should have skipped Stone Mountain all together.It was a tourist trap.I also found out that it was the second place established for KKK meetings!YUK!They failed to mention that in the brochure.

There are still places around flying the confederate flag.I guess that's what traveling is about,you hit some unexpected treats on the road and then some times the places you expect the most out of end up being a disappointment!

I realized at 3PM when I plugged in Pearl's address into the GPS I'd really underestimated the time to get to Bishopville and I still had OVER a three hour drive ahead of me.
I called Pearl's house and got to speak with Pearl's wife. She was very sweet and
said I could come over "anytime" .I thought it best to see it all in the day light. I stopped in Columbia,SC (just an hour from Bishopville) for the night.
Tomorrow's a new day- Pearl's wife also said they go for a ride after church but will be back in the afternoon. I think the sun will be shining and the snow will be gone. I'll get some pictures for you.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter has found me!

Before I talk about today I've got to tell you a sad story about a soap maker(me.)

I was buck naked(don't panic.. although I did get your attention) about to jump in the shower and realized I had no Sea Hag soap in my toiletries bag! Yikes-I ran around the room frantic because the water was running only to come up EMPTY on the SH soap search.I could have gotten dress gone out to the car and grab 50 bars but my ambition had left the building so I jumped in with a bar of D_ _l soap. It was sad...a soap maker with no real soap.
I didn't feel was a meaningless experience.I have no excuse,I wasn't even drinking.I PROMISE NEVER,EVER to stray again.Please forgive me.

Today...Feb 12Th AM woke up to an inch or so of S-N-O-W on the ground-no big. I made a few phone calls, packed up (after a real shower with real soap)to leave Montgomery and head for Atlanta.Left 10:30 Montgomery time,11:30am Brackney,PA time.
I was feeling pretty smug about all my experience with snow up north,chuckling about
people falling apart over a thin coating of powder. Jodie(Atlanta connection) called and said there was nothing (snow wise)there,maybe some later. Well,I won't bore you with too much detail but in got nasty, blizzardy (new word?)white out,with those rookies on the road and temps just below freezing. Three and a half hours later I arrived-safely.
Jodie immediately took me to a shop that she thought was a must for Sea Hag. I called before we arrived (a courtesy I appreciate- owning a biz)and the owner of the shop called "Love Street" agreed to see me. I quickly forgot about the drive and got into my sch tick of trying to convert the world to Sea Hag soaps:)

This sweet young couple have been so much fun to catch up with.They Have three,THREE
Boston Terriers that are hilarious comedic characters.Grace loves all the spoiling here.Thank you Jodie and Luke for all your hospitality and wisdom about the internet.
There's 6 lifetimes of knowledge to begin to scratch the ins and outs of the world wide web.I'll start today.They kept me up way beyond me bed time.
On the road tomorrow to hopefully meet a man named Pearl.


Snow flurries as I pack up to move on the Atlanta.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Apalachicola to Montgomery, AL

I wasn't planning on this being such a long day but so much for plans.
I left Apalachicola at 10:30 am after visiting a couple of shops.I met a few good
prospects. Apalachicola is a sweet old southern town that I hope to go back to at some point.
Getting to Montgomery from Apalachicola was tedious.For those of you who know Binghamton,NY it's like doing the Vestal pkwy for a few hours at a time with loads of speed traps and an occasional 55-65 mph speed limit. Enough belly achin' (I'm feelin downright southern at the moment)I left 36 degrees in Apalachicola(warm by my winter standards) and it moved to upper 40's throughout the day.

I drove by a metalsmith/blacksmith shop en route.I went by and saw all this metal work by the road ;thought about it and did a U-ey(U turn).I had a great conversation
with two guys in the business. Both of them do artwork.One is a teacher at John Campbell Folk School in NC.He gave me a schedule for classes after I told him I did metal work-in another life time. Maybe to.
The other man is a big marketer for Sam's club. Apparently, Sam clubs down here have indoor shows with artists...long interesting things brewing. The marketer is interested in Sea Hag-we'll see. A bluebird landed close by and it was a good sign for me:)

Well, I checked off one of my bucket list items today-I got to the Civil Rights Memorial to see the black granite fountain designed by Maya Lin. I pushed hard to get up to Montgomery and thought I was cutting it close to closing time until my destination time said 4:10pm and my watch at that point said the time was then 4:30?I was confused and then remembered the woman at The GibsonInn telling me about the time change so I gained an hour!I made it there(4:15pm AL time-my time 5:15) and spotted the fountain from the car. I got out with my excitedly stiff body- moved a bit slowly at first but quickly gained momentum.
It was MORE than I sleek,quiet and very sad. The dates in the fountain
beginning with 1954-outlawed school segregation,
1955 RosaParks ,murders,beatings,Klan,marches,progress,setbacks,
more of each until the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968
Why is there such hatred and ugliness in Humans ? Gangs still going on. Luckily at the other end of the spectrum there are brave undaunted spirits.
As Maya Lin said "This is not a memorial of suffering;it is a memorial to HOPE.
I had a young Chinese man walk up to me and say "the artist is Chinese-American"
I said"Yes"! He said he was very very proud. It makes us all connected.

Grace is BETTER than GOLD. We've had two long days of driving and she doesn't whine or scream "I'm hungry...I have to pee...I'm thirsty"...ask "When are we going to GET THERE". I'm lucky to have her. She's one of my blessings
My mom used to say when we were little "you've had a BIG DAY".I think she said that to pursuade us that we needed to get to bed(Another mother tactit)
I won't argue tonight... Thanks for stopping.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nokomis to Apalachicola

Long day. I left Nokomis at 9:30 AM today.I was sad to say good bye after spending yesterday doing NOTHING except picking up my refurbished car-new brakes and other work to the tune of $660-unexpected expense.My cousin,her sweet man and I spent the day inside due to the continuous rain.Their beach house felt like a warm,windy womb!

I arrived here(Apalachicola) at 5:30PM. I got a little lost around Clearwater. GPS said something west and I did something west and got the "recalculating" message repeatedly. It's hard travelling alone...I don't mind the quiet (I brought lots of music to listen too)I like the peace but an extra set of eyes to read a map or watch for signs is always a plus.

I made a tentative reservation at a place here before I left Nokomis that took Grace and thankfully I didn't divulge my credit card number to reserve it....OK it was cheap; but upon arrival I ask to see a room and YIKES! I'd rather sleep in the car or outside on the ground.I'm really not a princess! I come from good strong peasant stock.NOTE:I forgot to arm wrestle my cousin!:)
I found a great old place with a two story wrap around porch-REAL not a pseudo reproduction.It's a quirky cool place and best of all-clean.It's well lit here with no junk yard out back or creepy ambiance. The name of the place is The Gibson Inn. I'm eating my dinner of crab cakes(BEST EVER) and a beet salad in my room so I didn't have to leave Grace. I usually hate eating at 8PM at night but exploration
of the area and running Grace kept me out until now.

I may stay here again tom. after checking out some shops to carry Sea Hag or start out for Montgomery, AL to see Maya Lin's civil rights memorial fountain.You can Google it and see pics and info. I can't wait to see it.It's on my bucket list.
Weather here is chilly but thankful to be warm and out of the mess in the Northeast.
I had plans to take a ferry to Key West with my cousin today from Ft Meyers but the weather,temperature and winds altered my plans.That's always the thing about travel,
to try not get too wrapped up in plans because generally there's always a glitch-time, money, schedules etc.You just can't seem to pack it all in.Choices are needed and realism sets in.
Ready to crash-thanks for stopping

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nokomis day 2

I first of need to apologize for the grammar errors and random words in the last post. It's toast with sprinkles of info.I've edited before with success,without
the tedious shutting out when I tried to make's over the fence in
cyberspace-imperfect like this blogger.
Yesterday-Feb 8th.I got to rise,walk and then get to know another local mechanic.I knew a few days ago my brakes on the jeep were going but didn't want to be another story on Nightline about a dame stranded, taken advantage of (In a purely automotive way)by a mechanic that saw me as a pillar of dripping affluence, wealth,and gleefully stick me with a bill that I'd have to sell "something" of value and possible shame. I'll let you know more about that later because he kept me car over night after saying a "few hours" yesterday AM. My cousin did ask around for referrals and insisted her man escort me to the garage so they would know I was NOT ALONE to be tested by any shady scam.

The rest of the day was my cousin schlepping me around to a few shops with my wares.
I'd gone online to look up some potential places and made a few phone calls before we set out to Venice, FL.
The place looks ritzy with the women inside the shops and their men outside on park benches lined up looking surprisingly patient as they all chat amongst themselves.I
should have taken a picture-it struck me as very funny and cute.

I made some connections,chatted and left soap "seeds" around.It's good for me to get out there and see other gift shops and compare the staff,decor and level of "spark".
I'm beginning to think that Sea Hag is an abnormally.Don't get me wrong-these are nice shops with nice merchandise....customers buying in them. I just continue to realize why we're different.
Talk later....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sun. in Nokomis,FL

The day started with up at 6AM and reading before guilts sets in that I should be MORE productive.Reading two books ar opposite ends of the spectrum. First is called
"Crush It". It's the secrets and truths of finding your"brand" set yourself apart from the "pack" kind of thing-go for it with every fiber in yourself.This is perfect for morning reading to focus on the day.

Second book, "Have a Little Faith" sweet book by the same author as "Tuesdays with Morrey"Morrie? It examines our Faith,God,relationship-the big questions in life through the eyes of a skeptic,a Rabbi and an ex-con.
Personally life has humbled me to the point of listening and being more open to the unbelievable...doubtful.This is coming from a hopeless dreamer.I've always believe
I was kind of being "placed" in the right place or circunstance at the right moment
to have amazing, incredulous things happen.It's been more than dumb luck,I believe in that too.

I digress...AM- today walked,packed,had breakfast with Kay and said "I need to go see
Hazel's sculptures before I go" Kay got me her number and I called and asked if I could stop by? She happily welcomed me in to her house and garden to see an amazing
body of work. It always tickles me to see someone flirting with their souls and being brave enough to let others in to see. I could see her love of children,husband
and nature.She reminded me of my friend Dorothy (who passed on to heaven I'm sure)that was in her nineties and so young in her mind. We were like sisters and she use to giggle and say she wonder which of us was older.I still feel her love...
I left Jupiter around 10:30AM pretty sure that I'd see Hazel again.

Got to my cousin's house in Nokomis around 2PM snacked talked and settled in for the Super Bowl.It's my once a year time I manage to pay attention for a football game.
This AM I was not entirely sure who was in it but I caught up fast and had FUN.
What a game-not a dull runaway.
Tomorrow off to Venice to look for outlets for Sea Hag. I feel settled in for a few days....thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Caravan moves out of Jupiter Tom.

Last day in Jupiter.First on to dos- Breakfast at the Lazy Loggerhead.This is local diner with a coolness character-fab food. Digestion took place as we moved onto Jupiter Loggerhead Marine rescue and Museum.
I spoke with a woman there in the gift shop about the soaps,she was interested and
wanted me to do a soap with a loggerhead on it.I've got it designed now in my head
and will pursue this when I get home. I loved the stories about each turtle rescue and would love to be a part of their survival...will figure that out.

Kay took me around touring the area and out to Jupiter Island.It's beyond rich and famous.Extreme wealth here in the US of A.

We then went to a outdoor art show and saw the usual and met a woman rug weaver from
Michigan. The rugs were recycled from old mops-I LOVED her playful color combos.
I think I'll be carrying some at the Hag.

Lunch at SeaSide marina and checked on a gift shop there for Sea Hag soaps-maybe.
Met a guy from St.Lucia Marcus who was weaving hats and bowls out of Palm that the word? I just confirmed FROND IS A GREAT WORD.Splurged on a hat for $20 because it was so FUN !Will get a pic of it tom.
You'll see !I'm quite powerless over such original thought and perfect craftmanship.
How's that for rationalizing?
Caravan of Tinker and dog moving on tom. XXXXO Night Night.

Friday, February 5, 2010


I've landed in Jupiter(not on Jupiter) today.We left St.Augustine this morning about 11:30AM after a walk on the beach.I let Grace off lead and she Ran Ran RAN after the
gulls and pipers.
Later.. I stopped in Daytona to check it out-got a little lost.Maybe I missed the hot spots but was not too excited by the place.I can't complain because the temps
were in the 70's,my personal best temp. No sales calls today.

I chatted with Kay's(friend I'm staying with) neighbor Hazel who does sculpture.
She started sculpting at 70 years old. I'm going to her house tom.afternoon.
Kay's taking me around to places that are hopeful spots for Sea Hag Soaps.
Ate,drank a little and now I'm ready for a book and bed.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Charleston to St Augustine

On the road at 9:30 Am after a walk with Grace. I stopped in Savannah ,Georgia
for lunch around noon with Anna Mc(friend of my Boys) going to school there. Nice break along the old cobblestone river's the Savannah river.I was there
a long time ago and always meant to get back there for St.Patty's Day.

I had an appointment at a shop named Sister to Sister in St Augustine,FL. A wonderful customer had given her soaps to try.
Side note to customers,family and friends:THANKS FOR ALL THE PLUGGING of Sea Hag Soaps and the shop that you do. I really appreciate it and am seriously touched by
all your kindness.My niece Marne continues to be a part of team Sea Hag.She surfs the Internet about info I need on pet friendly hotels or gift shops etc as I go.

We(Grace and the hag)got to run around on the beach-generally frolicking after my appointment. Grace was thrilled to be free,off lead, zooming around after a long car day.
Luxurious hotel for $49 and still eating out of my cooler.Life is cool...I like these gypsy days.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New cool things

My niece told me about a web site
Warning: addicting if you love trivia-gain knowledge on topics
and feed rice eliminate hunger.
another is donated food for animals
PASSWORD for this blog to post a note barnhag7
Heading out to Savannah visit Anna Mc and then on to St Augustine,Florida
Thanks Marne for being part of team Sea Hag and getting me info off the web.
Love to all


I really do not want to leave today. I could settle in and disappear,change my name to protect the innocent that have taken me on.
Reality-on to Charleston. I have a friend of my niece's aunt once removed cousin's,sister in law that I'll stay with tonight.People make the mistake of mentioning that they have a relative or friend,next thing you know phone rings and their life will cross mine.BLESS YOU!
My family here has made it all too comfortable and I wish that so many years were not
leaping by at blurred speeds that I could see them more. I've relished the time
like a piece of buttery lobster. For those who know me -that's way up there on my list.Thanks family for you fierce LOYALTIES and LOVE.Who would I be without it?
Next-I'll look for shops on the web, get dressed "to storm the gates!"..after a walk
on the beach to say hell-o to the ocean.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Marne & Grace-Wilmington, -NC

Pouring rain all day.My niece Marne,Grace and I went on the road visiting shops with Sea Hag samples. I was talking the talk and meeting store owners and managers.
The comments were positive. They loved the packeaging and logo.
Stores to pursue -
NoFo with another store in Raleigh,NC. Loved the shop. Funky Fun-had lunch there... good food.
Porter's Neck Spa-owned by two sisters.Great business,kind peaceful space
Lovey's-talked to Marie.Health food store
The Fisherman's Wife- shop on the pier,owner's just got back from trade show so not quite ready to order.
Having a Blue Moon beer-life is good!

Monday, February 1, 2010


2/1/10 last night spent in Rockville MD with my ex-sister in law -still friend and"sister"
Out to a market and then dinner. We had a lot of laughs and talked until we both passed out.
She was going to lend me her laptop and somehow went to back-up her files,dropped the laptop
and lost EVERYTHING ON HER HARD DRIVE! Needless to say I let her keep the laptop.
I left Rockville,MD at 9:30AM to set out for Wilmington,NC to visit siter and nieces.
IThought about an idea for a appetite suppressant-a book of photos of all the top disgusting
restrooms across America-YUK! Going to some shops to peddle Sea Hag soaps tom.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Have a great adventure!