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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Caravan moves out of Jupiter Tom.

Last day in Jupiter.First on to dos- Breakfast at the Lazy Loggerhead.This is local diner with a coolness character-fab food. Digestion took place as we moved onto Jupiter Loggerhead Marine rescue and Museum.
I spoke with a woman there in the gift shop about the soaps,she was interested and
wanted me to do a soap with a loggerhead on it.I've got it designed now in my head
and will pursue this when I get home. I loved the stories about each turtle rescue and would love to be a part of their survival...will figure that out.

Kay took me around touring the area and out to Jupiter Island.It's beyond rich and famous.Extreme wealth here in the US of A.

We then went to a outdoor art show and saw the usual and met a woman rug weaver from
Michigan. The rugs were recycled from old mops-I LOVED her playful color combos.
I think I'll be carrying some at the Hag.

Lunch at SeaSide marina and checked on a gift shop there for Sea Hag soaps-maybe.
Met a guy from St.Lucia Marcus who was weaving hats and bowls out of Palm that the word? I just confirmed FROND IS A GREAT WORD.Splurged on a hat for $20 because it was so FUN !Will get a pic of it tom.
You'll see !I'm quite powerless over such original thought and perfect craftmanship.
How's that for rationalizing?
Caravan of Tinker and dog moving on tom. XXXXO Night Night.