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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sun. in Nokomis,FL

The day started with up at 6AM and reading before guilts sets in that I should be MORE productive.Reading two books ar opposite ends of the spectrum. First is called
"Crush It". It's the secrets and truths of finding your"brand" set yourself apart from the "pack" kind of thing-go for it with every fiber in yourself.This is perfect for morning reading to focus on the day.

Second book, "Have a Little Faith" sweet book by the same author as "Tuesdays with Morrey"Morrie? It examines our Faith,God,relationship-the big questions in life through the eyes of a skeptic,a Rabbi and an ex-con.
Personally life has humbled me to the point of listening and being more open to the unbelievable...doubtful.This is coming from a hopeless dreamer.I've always believe
I was kind of being "placed" in the right place or circunstance at the right moment
to have amazing, incredulous things happen.It's been more than dumb luck,I believe in that too.

I digress...AM- today walked,packed,had breakfast with Kay and said "I need to go see
Hazel's sculptures before I go" Kay got me her number and I called and asked if I could stop by? She happily welcomed me in to her house and garden to see an amazing
body of work. It always tickles me to see someone flirting with their souls and being brave enough to let others in to see. I could see her love of children,husband
and nature.She reminded me of my friend Dorothy (who passed on to heaven I'm sure)that was in her nineties and so young in her mind. We were like sisters and she use to giggle and say she wonder which of us was older.I still feel her love...
I left Jupiter around 10:30AM pretty sure that I'd see Hazel again.

Got to my cousin's house in Nokomis around 2PM snacked talked and settled in for the Super Bowl.It's my once a year time I manage to pay attention for a football game.
This AM I was not entirely sure who was in it but I caught up fast and had FUN.
What a game-not a dull runaway.
Tomorrow off to Venice to look for outlets for Sea Hag. I feel settled in for a few days....thanks for stopping by.