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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New cool things

My niece told me about a web site
Warning: addicting if you love trivia-gain knowledge on topics
and feed rice eliminate hunger.
another is donated food for animals
PASSWORD for this blog to post a note barnhag7
Heading out to Savannah visit Anna Mc and then on to St Augustine,Florida
Thanks Marne for being part of team Sea Hag and getting me info off the web.
Love to all


I really do not want to leave today. I could settle in and disappear,change my name to protect the innocent that have taken me on.
Reality-on to Charleston. I have a friend of my niece's aunt once removed cousin's,sister in law that I'll stay with tonight.People make the mistake of mentioning that they have a relative or friend,next thing you know phone rings and their life will cross mine.BLESS YOU!
My family here has made it all too comfortable and I wish that so many years were not
leaping by at blurred speeds that I could see them more. I've relished the time
like a piece of buttery lobster. For those who know me -that's way up there on my list.Thanks family for you fierce LOYALTIES and LOVE.Who would I be without it?
Next-I'll look for shops on the web, get dressed "to storm the gates!"..after a walk
on the beach to say hell-o to the ocean.