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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Icey start from Atlanta

Thanks again to Jodie and Luke for letting Grace and me crash at your house.I hope it's not another 19 years till we all meet up again.
We left Atlanta at 10:15 AM. It was icy and people were driving way too CRAZY.
I was puttering along at 40 MPH singing "I'm a little ole lady from Pennsylvania, go granny go granny go granny go"! Driving along seeing cars spun out and off the road
from last night and today kept me cautious and thankfully- safe.What's up with this weather AL?
I planned on only driving 4.5-6 hours on the road before I met the man named Pearl.Well....I took a side trip to Athens,GA and then felt the need to see Stone Mountain.I should have skipped Stone Mountain all together.It was a tourist trap.I also found out that it was the second place established for KKK meetings!YUK!They failed to mention that in the brochure.

There are still places around flying the confederate flag.I guess that's what traveling is about,you hit some unexpected treats on the road and then some times the places you expect the most out of end up being a disappointment!

I realized at 3PM when I plugged in Pearl's address into the GPS I'd really underestimated the time to get to Bishopville and I still had OVER a three hour drive ahead of me.
I called Pearl's house and got to speak with Pearl's wife. She was very sweet and
said I could come over "anytime" .I thought it best to see it all in the day light. I stopped in Columbia,SC (just an hour from Bishopville) for the night.
Tomorrow's a new day- Pearl's wife also said they go for a ride after church but will be back in the afternoon. I think the sun will be shining and the snow will be gone. I'll get some pictures for you.