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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bloggy,Soggy days of Summer

It was another day in the neighborhood at Sea Hag Soaps & Art
Mercantile. I had my little niece picking flowers for around
the inside of the barn
and had two nephews loading wood into the wood shed with one of my
after that we started digging up garlic and bundling it.The
ground was DRY,DRY, DRY ! I'm not much of a water er so it's whatever
weed and veggie survives at this point- WINS.

There was a moment I thought I was CLOSE to a complete thought
when the skies got black and the rain was driving walls of rain at
45 degree angles. OMG-my baby chicks were out in it!!
I asked Bridie(regular Hag)to give me a hand getting the chicks back
into their pen,she responded by saying she had no rain jacket so I pulled
on my great ankle Muck boots,threw her our one rain rain jacket
and went out into the storm.
I was soaked right through in the first five seconds,but it truthfully
felt GREAT after being so SWEATY these last few days.
The chicks were smart enough to seek shelter in the high grass so
they were wet but feathered out enough so they were fine.We grabbed
them two at a time and thought we'd gotten them all back into their
sheltered home ;only to discover later another six chicks still out.

Heading back inside-Bride looked at her very professionally wet boss,
started laughing and said."I really wish I had a camera right now."
I went back to work in wet clothes,bad hair and loving being a farm girl.

leaving me without one and ran out into the storm

Friday, July 16, 2010

Jazz, Magic Carpets,cheese cake & a good time

Just a quick note to let everyone know we're gearing up for
a Sunday afternoon Concert at Sea Hag.
Save the date- July 25th from 2-5PM.We'll have chicken BBQ and
some yummy desserts if you want to picnic here,
Some friends that are rug dealers will be here selling their carpets
Until next time-Colleen

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bear and bare

Beautiful cooler summer morning. I went out into the woods in my PJ's, bare legs and
flip flops( not recommended by backpacking magazine) to explore
any signs of last nights commotion.

Last night at dusk I went into the woods behind my house with Grace for our
nightly stroll. I spotted something moving off to the left of my peripheral vision.
Grace looked at the same time and started barking like crazy while running toward
the two bears. The larger one started to take off away from us and then halted.
The smaller one got up on it's hind legs like it wanted to climb a very small
tree that could have never supported it,which, I realized after seeing "the little"
one's size.
Grace thankfully came back to me but kept barking like the tough girl she is:)
She charged forth a few times as I was walking away and then came back to the house with me. She ran through the house like the town crier "Did you see what I saw???!!!"

This morning we looked around for scat but just found stirred up earth and Grace
attached herself to all the odors around the area. Thanks be for my terrifying
dog who scared off the bears. I felt lucky and learned to make more commotion next dusktime stroll.
time stroll so not to surprise anything.