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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nokomis to Apalachicola

Long day. I left Nokomis at 9:30 AM today.I was sad to say good bye after spending yesterday doing NOTHING except picking up my refurbished car-new brakes and other work to the tune of $660-unexpected expense.My cousin,her sweet man and I spent the day inside due to the continuous rain.Their beach house felt like a warm,windy womb!

I arrived here(Apalachicola) at 5:30PM. I got a little lost around Clearwater. GPS said something west and I did something west and got the "recalculating" message repeatedly. It's hard travelling alone...I don't mind the quiet (I brought lots of music to listen too)I like the peace but an extra set of eyes to read a map or watch for signs is always a plus.

I made a tentative reservation at a place here before I left Nokomis that took Grace and thankfully I didn't divulge my credit card number to reserve it....OK it was cheap; but upon arrival I ask to see a room and YIKES! I'd rather sleep in the car or outside on the ground.I'm really not a princess! I come from good strong peasant stock.NOTE:I forgot to arm wrestle my cousin!:)
I found a great old place with a two story wrap around porch-REAL not a pseudo reproduction.It's a quirky cool place and best of all-clean.It's well lit here with no junk yard out back or creepy ambiance. The name of the place is The Gibson Inn. I'm eating my dinner of crab cakes(BEST EVER) and a beet salad in my room so I didn't have to leave Grace. I usually hate eating at 8PM at night but exploration
of the area and running Grace kept me out until now.

I may stay here again tom. after checking out some shops to carry Sea Hag or start out for Montgomery, AL to see Maya Lin's civil rights memorial fountain.You can Google it and see pics and info. I can't wait to see it.It's on my bucket list.
Weather here is chilly but thankful to be warm and out of the mess in the Northeast.
I had plans to take a ferry to Key West with my cousin today from Ft Meyers but the weather,temperature and winds altered my plans.That's always the thing about travel,
to try not get too wrapped up in plans because generally there's always a glitch-time, money, schedules etc.You just can't seem to pack it all in.Choices are needed and realism sets in.
Ready to crash-thanks for stopping