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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Girl's Power Day Kopernik Observatory

I had SOOOO much fun today.I left Sea Hag for 3 hours and went to the
Kopernik Observatory in Vestal,NY for 'Girl Power Day." I did a
soap making Demo and talked about opening a business and encourage the
girls to ALWAYS stay
curious. Life is WAY more fun of you're an explorer.
The group of girls were between 3rd-6th grades in school,
that were on their Spring Break. They asked all sorts of questions that
were well thought out and they asked me for my autograph at the end!
Move over Paris Hilton.We like SMART girls- I told them to get into the
habit of SAVING some money.I wish someone had had that conversation
with me 45 years ago! I also told them that we need some woman scientists
and whatever-don't be afraid to fail.Scientists, Inventors and Business
owners have to be BLINDLY optimistic.
I gave them a slide show of Sea Hag that told the eclectic tale of Soaps,
art and projects that have been done around here.
They asked how much longer I would be making soap? Who knows!
Another Day Another Adventure!

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