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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring is whispering

I'm sitting here on a grey day at the END February with the wind blowing a few flakes around but I'm not taken it all too seriously because I know that Spring is a comin'
The first hint is leaving work with daylight still here! I think I'd like someone to
give me an injection to go to sleep(HIBERNATE!) during the truly DARK days of winter
when it's watery black-BLACK at4:30 PM, when you look up the road and see Headlights
coming and going. Just put me to sleep.
The snow even feels like it's surrendering to the Spring-"Uncle...I'm done" it's saying.
I love Spring beyond love. I feel silly with happiness-the colors of all the greens.

Winter is fun to get out into if you're dressed for it. It's survival mode if you're
not into it. Spring says"I've SURVIVED another dark time" it reminds us that all of
our feelings are cyclical and eventually we get out of a them whether it's a funk or happiness.
The four seasons are all lovely and can be brutal like life. Hang in there....
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