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Thursday, February 18, 2010


I got home yesterday afternoon to one of my sisters and 2 of her girls at
my house to welcome me.They really came down to see my mom who's close by; but
it felt like a welcoming committee. It was great to see some familiar faces and eat some real food together.
I'll be back at Sea Hag officially on Sat, Feb 20th from 10-5.
I'll be here Sunday the 21st from noon-4 playing catch up.
My car looks like a WRECK inside,beyond grungy; like an off the beaten path gas station restroom that really needs some cleaning after living out of it for 18 days.
I had a hard time winding down last night. I feel like my guard
is still up....(self preservation) guard.

My Mom had a fall while I was gone and decided today that she needed an
x-ray and needed to be looked at.After half a day in ER, we took her home
with painkillers.She cracked a L2. Not too much to do about it...wait
and see.
back soon-thanks for stopping

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