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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Opinion Poll

Yes- it's November and I won't bore you with any political opinion polls.
This is a poll something GLOBAL...about Sea Hag and the LOGO.

QUESTION-Should the Hag label be changed?
Be pretty? Does it offend you? Are you void of humor?
I seriously need your input and a friend told me when I told her about this
question that I shouldn't answer or explain- I was "leading the witness" with my explanation-so Follow me.....I never could play by the rules...

My answer-...The Hag is the Happy Spirit -she's a place where you get to AFTER trying to do the beauty thing your whole life -You go through a lot of pain ,suffering-then PEACE -ACCEPTANCE !! Get to "I'm OK AS IS..
a work is progress -not always done up -but can clean up if need be...with Sea Hag Soaps of course!

1 comment:

  1. Everyone sees things with a different eye. Somethings that we think are ugly, others see it as beautiful. Haven't you ever seen a woman and a guy together and one of them seem to belong hidden in a dark, deep dungeon? Yet the other one thinks their mate is " perfect, wonderful, charming, everything i need in life." So it goes with the Seahag. There's nothing wrong with her image. What is wrong, is the way some see her.