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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I really do not want to leave today. I could settle in and disappear,change my name to protect the innocent that have taken me on.
Reality-on to Charleston. I have a friend of my niece's aunt once removed cousin's,sister in law that I'll stay with tonight.People make the mistake of mentioning that they have a relative or friend,next thing you know phone rings and their life will cross mine.BLESS YOU!
My family here has made it all too comfortable and I wish that so many years were not
leaping by at blurred speeds that I could see them more. I've relished the time
like a piece of buttery lobster. For those who know me -that's way up there on my list.Thanks family for you fierce LOYALTIES and LOVE.Who would I be without it?
Next-I'll look for shops on the web, get dressed "to storm the gates!"..after a walk
on the beach to say hell-o to the ocean.

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  1. I am hanging on to your every word! Love you,