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Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter has found me!

Before I talk about today I've got to tell you a sad story about a soap maker(me.)

I was buck naked(don't panic.. although I did get your attention) about to jump in the shower and realized I had no Sea Hag soap in my toiletries bag! Yikes-I ran around the room frantic because the water was running only to come up EMPTY on the SH soap search.I could have gotten dress gone out to the car and grab 50 bars but my ambition had left the building so I jumped in with a bar of D_ _l soap. It was sad...a soap maker with no real soap.
I didn't feel was a meaningless experience.I have no excuse,I wasn't even drinking.I PROMISE NEVER,EVER to stray again.Please forgive me.

Today...Feb 12Th AM woke up to an inch or so of S-N-O-W on the ground-no big. I made a few phone calls, packed up (after a real shower with real soap)to leave Montgomery and head for Atlanta.Left 10:30 Montgomery time,11:30am Brackney,PA time.
I was feeling pretty smug about all my experience with snow up north,chuckling about
people falling apart over a thin coating of powder. Jodie(Atlanta connection) called and said there was nothing (snow wise)there,maybe some later. Well,I won't bore you with too much detail but in got nasty, blizzardy (new word?)white out,with those rookies on the road and temps just below freezing. Three and a half hours later I arrived-safely.
Jodie immediately took me to a shop that she thought was a must for Sea Hag. I called before we arrived (a courtesy I appreciate- owning a biz)and the owner of the shop called "Love Street" agreed to see me. I quickly forgot about the drive and got into my sch tick of trying to convert the world to Sea Hag soaps:)

This sweet young couple have been so much fun to catch up with.They Have three,THREE
Boston Terriers that are hilarious comedic characters.Grace loves all the spoiling here.Thank you Jodie and Luke for all your hospitality and wisdom about the internet.
There's 6 lifetimes of knowledge to begin to scratch the ins and outs of the world wide web.I'll start today.They kept me up way beyond me bed time.
On the road tomorrow to hopefully meet a man named Pearl.

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