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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pioneering Sunday

I'm lucky enough to be able to go out my back door, strap on some snowshoes
and go for a walk. This AM that entailed wading through 2-3' snow drifts
and plowing through 18" for most of our walk.It's called "Breaking trail"
in hiking terms. Basically, your breaking in a trail for people or animals behind you.
I did NOT float on the snow with the shoes.This snow was sinkable heavy snow-there
must be an Inuit word for "sinkable snow." It was a good work out regardless.
I included a picture of the woods.

My day continued with our trip to the barn to work,feed furnace,chickens and cats.
The plow guy hasn't made it back here so I had to shovel out woodshed door,chicken coop door and front door. I then grabbed the chicken water er that was dry and caked
with poop (chickens are NOT noted for their Hygiene)and dragged it through the drifts of snow down to the creek. All I could picture was the struggle of
the pioneers doing things like this EVERYDAY ,all winter long.
The creek had some opened water so I was able to clean off the feeder and get fresh
water for the girls. Physical labor always has a way of curing a case of nerves
or blues which happens in the dark days of winter. Washing my soap pans,molds,
and cleaning up makes me feel like I have something to show for my day. The bonus was washing myself up only to see the front of my jacket had a Schmeer of chicken
poop stuck to my zipper! EEEEEEWW-WWOOOOOOO-nothing an old brush and SOAP and water can't handle ! I DO HAVE SOAP.

I then realized with age I've gotten very matter of fact about a lot of things-
changing my Mom's soiled pants,giving her a bath,cleaning out the chicken coop,picking up dead things around the barn from cats or whatever. Dealing with lifting, carrying, moving or whatever it takes to get a job done. I think
manual labor is good for the soul.It's tough when your back rebels and you have
to Listen to your body.

I've decided I'm just good peasant stock.I'll do whatever it takes to
get the job done-It's not always PRETTY....either is life.
Hold on to the sane days.... Thanks for stopping-All the Best.

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